Friday, June 5, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Insanity In Action

Some morons, including in local government, want Minneapolis to abolish its police force. Like it or not, this is a bad idea. Let Thomas Wictor explain why (taken from this Twitter thread, first post embedded and the rest reproduced below).

They're NOT saying they'll create a new police force. They're saying they're going to get rid of the police so that criminals can operate in peace. Really.

"Council president Lisa Bender backed Ellison's call, tweeting: 'Yes. We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.'"

"'If you are a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police I invite you to reflect: are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins?'"

In other words, crime will be totally allowed. White people must DIE in order to atone for racism. ALL white people.

"'Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?'"

"'I mean this quite sincerely & seriously: just look at recent conversations about City-funded neighborhood organizations to understand how explicitly we would have to work to establish alternative systems that do not replicate the same problems.'"

"'White ppl need to show up for this.'"

She's saying the the rule of law itself is racist. Therefore Minneapolis will abolish the rule of law. When crimes are committed, the white victims will be summoned to city hall and asked to explain why black people targeted them. What did they do to cause it?

I expect other cities to follow suit. My own, for example. As I said before, the rule of law goes both ways. What's going to happen is that if Minneapolis has no police force, they can't arrest organized armed resistance to criminals. The residents will clandestinely hire trigger pullers to come in and carry out operations against street gangs.

Did you know that Midwesterners had the most violent gangs of WHITE PEOPLE in American history? They bought war-surplus aircraft and used them as bombers. They built turreted armored cars that carried heavy machine guns. They fought with hand grenades. Abolishing police forces opens the door to massive retaliation. Every armed nutter in the country will descend on Minneapolis.

But. People gotta learn things the hard way. Now, once the wars start, the feds will occupy Minneapolis. You'll see armed troops there indefinitely. Until the state goes Republican. Which it will.

Again, political ads are writing themselves. Oh, and wait for every single person with money to flee the city. All businesses will pull out.

I just read about an amazing experiment. A behavioral scientist named John B. Calhoun created a mouse utopia. It was a mouse city with room for 3000 mice. All their needs were met: food, water, living space, safety. It was called Universe 25. The population started with four breeding pairs of mice. The goal was to see if a perfect society would flourish. And dang it! The answer was big, fat, resounding NO.

When the population reached only a QUARTER of what the utopia could hold, there was a total breakdown of societal norms. All the mice went insane. Male mice formed gangs that randomly attacked and killed individual mice for no reason. Female mice abandoned or killed their young, and both males and females stopped breeding. Male mice tried to mate with male mice, and both males and females began practicing cannibalism. Mice crammed themselves into pens, ignoring the empty pens next door.

A small group of male and female mice withdrew from society altogether and went to the highest pens, where all they did was eat, sleep, and groom themselves. These mice lost interest in all social bonds and did not interact with each other.

Within two years, all the mice were dead. The population had never gotten above a quarter of what the utopia could handle. Calhoun called this a "behavioral sink," but he and everyone else drew the wrong lesson from it. He said Universe 25 showed the dangers of overpopulation, revealing his agenda. Of course the reality is that the REAL danger is trying to create utopia. EVERY SINGLE REPETITION OF THE EXPERIMENT HAD THE SAME RESULT.

And the Great Unspoken is that the only real danger is leftism. I believe in humane societies, as do all conservatives. We believe in safety nets for those who can't survive on their own, and we believe in the rule of law. Leftism is diabolically inhumane because it's all about power for a privileged class. Everyone else is enslaved. Even at this late date, people still don't grasp how radical Donald Trump is. Being reelected is child's play for him.

He simply refuses to read from any script. That's why so many can't understand his actions. All his actions serve purposes. He is NEVER impulsive. NEVER. Minneapolis with be the first Universe 25 of the country. But the experiment won't be allowed to continue to the inevitable grisly conclusion. My advice is to ignore almost all of the current analysis. The analysts are from a dead era. END.

Let me add to this from a local perspective.

  • Business would flee the city as soon as it became clear order was lost.
  • Foreign citizens here for work (diplomatic staff, mostly) or school (lots of Chinese at the University of Minnesota) would run like Hell.
  • Kiss the convention scene--and thus most of the business for the hotels--goodbye.
  • Concerts? Nope. Goodbye 1st Ave and the rest of the Minneapolis music scene, and never shall Your Favorite Act perform here again. They may go to St. Paul, but more likely is that you're making roadtrips to Chicago.
  • Affluent residents move out of the city, either across the river to St. Paul or (far more likely) to a suburb. In other words, Detroit repeated.
  • The chaos would be contained if gangs attempted to raid the suburbs because suburban residents are far more likely to be armed and city governments are necessarily more responsive and shitlib politics of appeasement go out the window once its consequences are seen and heard- but the state legislature and the governor could still fuck it all up.
  • The schadenfreude would make the Mississippi overflow for years on end.

And no one can summarize just how insane this is like Jim's good friend on Twitter.

Yeah, if this goes through I could be back in danger, and I'm in no position to relocate for several reasons (least of which being legally banned from driving for lacking a right foot), but I also expect legal challenges to be immediately mounted if this is attempted and to see those challenges prevail in court.

That doesn't make this any less insane.

And making this insanity be out where everyone can see it is one of the great achievements of the God-Emperor. Normies shall reee and he shall win again.

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