Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Motte & Bailey Defined & Demonstrated

This video focuses on the examination and employment (especially in practice, with examples provided) of a dishonest Rhetorical technique commonly used to trap targets in the manner of a Franz Kafka horror story. This goes on frequently online, such that "online debate" is synonymous with "virtual lynching" and as such you see online cults form around such Rhetoricians and be weaponized against designated targets. This is the basis for deplatforming attempts, failed and successful alike, and you will see this narrative warfare used in mainstream media once you see how the magic trick works.

Why? It works. Quoting the video's creator: "A lot of people are naive about the damage done to your reputation by these smears. I've reached out to multiple people for interviews who have told me privately they can't associate with me even tho they have no personal problem. Everytime the accusation is thrown, the stench of the smear gets a little stronger."

This is about power, and this tool is a core component to how men like Saul Alinksy seize and hold it.

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