Thursday, May 21, 2020

My Life In Fandom: (BattleTech) The History of the Clans, Part 2

Black Pants Legion premiered a new Ted Talks Battletech video, Part 2 of the history of the Clans. Put your regular shows on hold. This delivers.

Seriously, this man and his pals has done more to sell BattleTech than Catalyst Game Labs has and CGL should be cutting him a fat check for doing their marketing for them.

And if CGL had the sense God gave a gorilla with Down's Syndrome, they'd be doing whatever it takes to start putting out BattleTech comics (Webtoons-friendly stuff, meaning vertical panel flow) to build hype and brand presence they could take to Netflix for an anime adaptation deal. But no, CGL's run by morons who make Capellans look brilliant, so we're just going to get a barely-functional business for the tabletop and some occasional instances of decent videogame adaptations.

This is why, in time, Brian Niemeier and I will surpass these aging mecha properties.

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