Saturday, February 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It's Malice, Not Incompetence

Dictor von Doomcock, Future Ruler of Earth, cut another video on the other space opera train wreck going.

I mentioned previously that Doomcock is the most self-aware of the Pop Cult channels as to what the Pop Cult is, albeit from the inside, and the language is the tell. This comes up again here, and not just in his use of the language, but that of what he criticizes. In character, the religious language aforementioned gets used in the specific mode we're often talking about with regard to the Pop Cult.

The timestamp for his talk of mythology, and the show's in-character usage of it, is here. Doomcock's laying out that this show, as with everything else tied to Bad Robot, is a specific Narrative Warfare campaign to destroy this alt-mythology Pop Cult sect and its idols. He sees this as a deliberate act of malice, and he's not wrong; it is, and the use of incompetent writers is the praxis of malice- you deliberately put two-bit hacks into position because they'll fuck it up.

Now it makes sense, doesn't it? Those in the Death Cult who are running the Pop Cult deliberately demolish these idols to induce despair, and when vulnerability is greatest they move in like the cult recruiters they are and pull an emotion-targeting attack to indoctrinate the Pop Cultist and bring them fully into the Death Cult as the answer that relieves the pain of their Pop Cult being destroyed. Mouse Wars, Marvel/DC, videogames, etc. all use this playbook: the Pop Cult is the honeypot, then the front is demolished and because the Pop Cultist has nothing real to fall back on they are left open to being preyed upon and pulled into the Death Cult in full to relieve the grief.

This? This is malice. The incompetence is the method used, nothing more; those hacks are as disposable as the audience to the cult. The Mammon Mob is there to provide cover from the other end of society while financing operations, even if they sometimes take control from the Death Cult because the Cult threatens to ruin their business, but ultimately it too serves the ends of the Cult.

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