Monday, December 2, 2019

My Life As A Writer: Finding More Ways To Make My Readers Happy

I concur with my colleague Brian Niemeier that, for most of us indies in the trenches, we're going to be relying on patronage via crowdfunding for a while.

It is unwise to be wholly reliant on any one thing, so there's something to be said for trying to make the most of revenue opportunities (i.e. more ways to pay the bills while keeping my audience happy).

Given what I have to work with, I have just one question: Do you folks want Star Knight merchandise? If so, what do you want? Post in the Comments below.

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  1. Bradford

    How about the following ideas

    1) morale patches in full colour
    2) a tech manual with the various ships and stuff
    3) a book on the lore including some fragmentary history recovered from the past.
    4)trading cards
    5) tshirts with images and logos from the series

    6) a tabletop RPG that newbies and experienced hands can easily set up and enjoy. I have no idea about the rules but you're experienced about those.


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