Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Defamation Leads To Destruction

I'm looking through my feed on YouTube, and this comes up.

At 4:10 or so Yellow Flash talks about how the #KickVic crowd goes after Nike Rekieta, doing the same blame-and-defame attacks they do against Vic Mignogna in the hope that some amenable authority will silence and deplatform Nick. This is not unreasonable given the state of Minnesota's government and media culture, which are SJW-aligned to a significant degree. Nonetheless this is not a smart thing to do; the Texas litigation by Vic against the SJWs attacking him, while civil, is a big deal because it's part of the first serious and effective counter-attack against them.

But it gets better. Nick's in Minnesota. Defamation is a criminal offense in Minnesota. That means the police slap your ass in handcuffs, toss you into the county jail, and you face non-trivial prison time, fines, or both if convicted- and man, do these #KickVic people make it easy for the State to establish that defamation occurred. All Nick has to do is file charges and, maybe, testify on the stand; the State of Minnesota will handle the actual legal work. Even if the State loses, the process itself is sufficiently punishing to be dissuasive. Hell, maybe he doesn't have to do the filing; maybe someone else could file the charges if the defamation gets stupidly aggressive, resulting in sudden visits by the police. How embarrassing.

Go ahead, morons, keep talking shit about Nick to third parties. Don't be surprised if you end up taking a perpwalk, especially if the Attorney General decides this is a good time to make some examples for reasons of his own.


  1. Bradford,

    Out of curiosity what are the penalties?
    How much are the fines and jail time?
    Also is it considered a felony?



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