Saturday, March 9, 2019

Getting Back Into The Saddle

If you wondered where I disappeared to, it was to the local emergency room.

That's right, I've been hospitalized. The reason? I had a blister on the arch of one foot. I drained that blister. It got infected while I caught the flu, advancing apace while I was bedridden for two weeks. I fought it at home until I couldn't, at which point I went to the hospital; they had to amputate, and they diagnosed me as diabetic to boot. About a week and a half after the surgeries, I'm moved out of the hospital proper and to a residence facility for rehabilitation.

I'm still here. At least I have a room to myself, and I'm making great progress in my recovery; I'm now working towards acquiring a prosthetic leg and relearning how to walk. I still have most of that afflicted leg--it was a Below The Knee job--and I've put in the work to recover my strength as well as get my diabetes under control. As of this post the stump has mostly healed up; I can afford to take off the clamshell protector to wash it now.

It's been quite the trip for me, mentally and emotionally. For what I lost physically, I've gained greatly otherwise, and the first manifestation was when most of the Metro City Boys (and Peep) made a road trip to visit me in person. The second was in keeping contact with my fellow #AGundam4Us and #PulpRev writers, especially seeing Brian Niemeier's Combat Frame XSeed launch and hit like a colony drop. (We all know that Sydney was begging for it.) His second book is up at Indiegogo as of this post, so go there and back it while you still can.

I needed my PC before I could get back to my productive life, including writing to this blog. Today that happened. It's set up in my residence room, and I am now getting back up to speed on what I need to do and how to go about doing it. Those of you Star Knight backers who emailed me since I went into the hospital should have copies of Reavers in your inboxes by now; I want to go about fixing any manuscript errors, maybe put the chapter names back into the manuscript, and get my Kindle account in order over the next week. In short, I'm getting back into doing the runup to launching the book and will do so as soon as I'm ready. That will be a few weeks, at worst, and then I will

And the backer feedback continues to be positive:

Yes, Book Two is already outlined. I just need to flesh it out some before I go HAM and put out a first draft. The outline for Book Three is still in the works; figuring out where to put the high spots is making things difficult. I've had plenty of time to write down, by hand in a journal, a lot more Star Knight lore and that means more lore posts to come to this blog as well as the writing blog.

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  1. Bradford,

    I'm sorry to hear about your hospitalization. But I'm glad to hear you're recuperating.

    I enjoyed the reminded me of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood.

    Can't wait for book 2



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