Friday, November 2, 2018

The Anime Informing #StarKnight: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Massive space fleets, larger-than-life characters, manly men (even the boys) and womanly women (even the tomboys), and intrigues in every network of power as well as across those nodes of power. That's Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and it's a big influence on #StarKnight. If there's one self-contained part that I can use as an example, it's the remake of the first two OVA episodes into a stand-alone film leading into the OVA series: Overture To A New War.

Just add mecha, lightsabers, and a real Church and you have a good mockup of #StarKnight. You're missing quite a bit, but this is enough to get your imagination going.

(Side Note: BlizzCon 2018 begins today, so tomorrow's post will be the roundup of relevant release information from that convention.)


  1. Bradford,

    Is Legends of the galactic heros available on YouTube?


  2. Yes. Intermittently, as the video uploads do get nuked from time to time and new channels have to first upload them again and then be found.


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