Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On The (Slow) Demise Of Google Plus

Google Plus will be shut down in August of next year. Folks are panicking about finding and getting alternatives up and running, suggesting this or that; I advise caution and making transition plans now while executing them slowly over the next 10 months. There is no need to hurry, folks, so calm down and take it nice and easy.

Most of the groups affected are tabletop RPG groups, who were among the few to find Google Plus sufficiently useful to stick around. Finding another place with sufficient similar functionality, especially if files are involved and privacy is a concern, is not an idle matter. Going off half-cocked, as I'm seeing some folks doing, is ill-advised; fortunately, it's also easily remedied at this point just by slowing down. Take the time to talk and consider your options, folks; you need to handle this like you would buying a car- decide what functions you need fulfilled, then pick the option that best does that.

As for myself, I've been asked for what social media services I can found at; this is now in the Contact tab, with the caveat that Twitter is the only one I'm actually active at as of this post (the rest, for the most part, are to drive traffic here). I don't even use my YouTube account for much other than chatting in others' channels when they're live, aside from the video I made for the campaign. (And yes, I've been told I should do more with it; I don't have a clue as to what.) I'm an old-timer in Internet reckoning, so I prefer blogs and email over most social media tech.

Which means I like a good rant, so here's Razorfist doing one on Ubisoft being Woke. That's where I'm taking off for today.

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