Thursday, September 13, 2018

My Life As A Writer: The Glory of the Fan Artists

One of the best parts of anime fandom comes from the fan art creations. The music video subset in particular has put out some fantastic stuff over the years, and the Macross fandom has some of the best ever made. This is one of those classic Anime Music Videos, remastered in High Definition, for Macross Plus.

I have no idea if the writers/directors/actors/musicians behind the most popular anime and manga ever see these things, but I would like to think that (a) some do (b) they see it for the flattery it is (regardless of how good it is) and (c) appreciate the display of passion and engagement that prompts a man to do such things.

I'm one of those folks. I want readers (and, I wish, viewers/listeners down the road) to be so fired up that they turn out illustrations, music, poetry, videos, and more when I make Star Knight real for the masses. All those shout-outs, wordplays, and so on? For you, folks; think of them as prompts to run with. Show me your illustrations of Pope Simon I during the Wars of the Damned. Draw your ships, and your ships, and display them proudly. (Just remember to credit properly; I'm understanding, but my future estate trustees may not.) Make your icons of Saints Itano and Hayha. Go for it, and when I get asked to make convention appearances bring them with you.

The future I want to see has a lot of #StarKnight fans in it. Soon it will begin in earnest.

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