Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Business: What's Coming This Week For "Star Knight"

Campaign Update: As of this post, we're at 51% towards the initial goal of $1K. That's four days in and we're already over halfway to the initial goal. This speed of progress is humbling, and I want you folks to meet the initial goal so I can unlock that hidden Perk and get working towards the stretch goals as fast as possible. This is going to be a fantastic fun ride for all of you, and I hope more of you come along soon. Go here to come aboard.

This post is a head's up for what to expect on the main blog over the next week.

  • Star Knight Lore: I will make a few lore posts this week. I'm focusing on what is featured in Reavers of the Void first, so as to whet your appetite. Pandering? You bet it is. Starships and mecha will follow Burke's Format as seen at one of the best mecha fan sites on the Internet: I lack (as of this post) line art for the mecha, so I'll edit them in as I get them.
  • Podcast Appearances: One is with Jim Fear on Saturday, and the other is the Superversive podcast on Sunday. I'll post a link to the livestream as soon as it's available, and to the episode after the fact. In addition, I'll be on The Ralph Retort's Killstream for a segment later this week.
  • As soon as we hit the goal, and get into the stretch goals, you'll hear about it here.
  • The Study will feature more excerpts from the manuscript.

Finally, a little something for you to run with: what if you could mount your Real Robot like we see in Tron Legacy? If you're Lord Roland of the Solar Guard (or his peers), you can. That picture of Roland in his battle armor has a baton in a boot sheath, and it is that baton that allows him to mount his Real Robot mecha- Durendal. (His Super Robot works differently.)

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