Thursday, May 10, 2018

Comic Relief: The Truth About #Gamergate (Dun! Dun! DUN!)

Sometimes you find something so absurd that you have to laugh. Today it's this parody of some of the dumbest shit to come out of Crazytown. Behold, veterans of the Great Meme War and many others: The Influence Map of Gamergate!

You have to get in there and look close-up to see the giveaways that this is parody, but the worst part is that you know some SJW somewhere has something like this waiting to be posted to Tumblr or something with the earnest seriousness of a David Icke while ranting like Alex Jones in the name of Literally Who (and it will likely be done by Literally Wu).

Go on, folks. You know you want to meme the shit out of this map. Go for it. Do the best damned sendup of Ancient Aliens that you can. This is the best opportunity to mock the crap out of the SocJus Death Cult we've had since Tuesday, so go for it. Bonus points if you get the Fake Journos and Fake Diversity crowd to buy this as true.

Praise Kek, and Shadilay My Dudes. Go forth and milk these LOLcows dry.

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