Sunday, April 8, 2018

World Class Bullshitters: The Decline of Star Wars: Part III - The Finale (Feat. Retroblasting)

It's here, the final part of this exclusive podcast series. You know there's nothing on TV, so put this on instead.

It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

The problem with the toys now is that they are truly utter pieces of plastic crap. They're junk, and even kids can sense this, so it's no surprise that a lot of toy sales are down and not just because of SJW bullshit. The shot-callers long ago cheaped out on the assumption of kids aging out being a de facto Planned Obsolescence. They took the same attitude that Games Workshop does and stop caring about product quality due to there always being a fresh cohort of kids to weaponize against their parents' wallets.

There is only one way out: You Have To Go Back.

Just like the media properties too many toys are made to exploit, the toys have to go back to being good qualities products with lasting value instead of cheap and shoddy shit meant to be sold fast and consumed faster- to the point of being disposable. Culture that it healthy is culture that is Heirloom-quality; it's something you build to last, so it gets passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, with the understanding that these are the means by which cross-generational bonding begins. It is a lawful outgrowth of the social function of religion and myth within a culture.

And that's what we see lamented here: the lost of a culture that is meant to be passed on to those what come after you, by way of the artifacts that convey it from one generation to the next.

We have to go back. We have to end this cheap, disposable non-culture. Toys can't be great if fathers can't bond with their sons over them, and toys can't be great if they aren't signifiers of a culture with that permanence. That's what's being destroyed, and if it isn't put down like the rabid dog it is then it will kill us- and soon.

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  1. Bradford,

    Agreed. When I compare my kids toys to what I had growing up: the only constants are Lego, Hot wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Majorette. The rest are pretty crappy toys. I still have my Gijoes (1 inc ones) as well as my Gypermans. Due to where I live, I haven't been able to share with them those toys but they'll inherit them.
    I do hope I can share them soon before it's too late.

    I agree that the disposable culture is very negative and we need to bring back the quality of the past.



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