Friday, December 1, 2017

Deathwish: The Sign That Things Are NOT Okay

Remember when Razorfist did a big old series review of the classic Deathwish series of films? I do. If you haven't, see below as to why they (and the videos he did on them) are so good.

The original film came at a time when the social fabric of the United States frayed dangerously thin, so it is no surprise to me that someone decided to take a shot at a remake when those same conditions returned. The remake stars Bruce Willis in the role that Charles Bronson did so well, and it's clear that some elements got changed to account for this go-around of civil decay (and I'm sensing the usual anti-gun bullshit) but that's beside the point.

In light of yesterday's decision acquitting the self-confessed killer of Katie Steinle in San Francisco, the remake comes into a social environment where identity politics have already perverted justice into tribal displays of power, which only makes things worse.

If the God-Emperor doesn't get the lawlessness under control soon, actual vigilantism is inevitable because there will be no other choice. That's the one thing the films make clear, especially the original: Kersey does what he does because he sees no other choice, it takes its toll, and he doesn't get away unscathed. Expect those same points in the remake, hopefully with little or no added SJW bullshit.

And you will tell by the reaction when the hype campaign hits as to where the mood leads (and how likely the film will meet its expectations). Fortunately, the last time around things turned away from total disaster before it couldn't be averted at all; now is more dangerous, primarily due to the greater speed by which things develop and change. The fact that this movie is coming again is a tell that things are NOT okay, and the wise should heed this as a warning accordingly.

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  1. Related: D-Fens only went on his LA rampage when he had nothing left to lose. We're one quick market shock from that point now. So how long before we get a "Falling Down" remake? The idea makes me shudder - can you imagine the utter nonsensical nature of a race and gender swapped version of that movie?


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