Monday, August 7, 2017

Narrative Warfare: The Recent Freakouts Are Good Signs

With the news that Scalzi no-platformed himself in the face of Brian Niemeier's just and accurate criticism of the man, the book he (formerly) got nominated for, and the reason for the push I can sit back and applaud Brian for smacking down another SJW entryist shot. Not that there are not others (most of the tabletop ones, really), but the big threat was from the CHORFs and the SJWs in gaming are smaller fry that can be handled now that Sir Robin bravely ran away. (Time to get him some cannibalistic minstrels.)

With the release of the Google Memo, and the open SJW freakouts on display, more and more people are seeing these people for who and what they really are. I expect these incidents to escalate in frequency, and I expect violence to come as more of them decide they got to be line Antifa and "bash the fash".

I accept their desire for violence against us as genuine. They're freaking out, and they're starting to reach the point where only violence will assuage their anxiety. What's making things worse is that they're starting to realize that they're running out of proxies to use as stand-ins for themselves (because they prefer to do "Let's you and him fight." than risk it themselves), so all of the moves to cook the books so they can wield The State against their enemies are desperation moves. Venezuela is what they fear; what they want is South Africa. Notice the thin line between the two? That's reality telling them they're fucked.

So, it's time to ratchet up the pressure. Lay on, MacDuff. The more they feel pressured, the more they freak out and the greater the severity of their freakouts. Once they get wholly consumed by their delusions in an attempt to stave off the inevitable, they will do the same stupidity as the Persian messenger did in Sparta. Once they've crossed that line--and are clearly seen to have crossed it--no one will care about them when the lawful consequence follows and doom claims them all.

They all go down the well. If they get any mercy, then they don't survive the fall.

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