Thursday, July 27, 2017

Narrative Warfare: The Failure to Silence Shatner

You know the social mood shifted when high-profile people start punching back against SJWs. William Shatner--yes, The Shatner--has been doing this for some time now. Yesterday, he had a bunch of SJW writers making Pink Slime for The Mouse-occupied Lucasfilm.

Yes, he punched back at Chuck Wendig. That's not the only SJW doing work for Star Wars that's punched at Shatner, and Shatner--showing that he knows the Internet better than younger folks young enough to be his grandchildren--reveals that he's based by his response. (Oh, and apparently he knows the Three Laws of SJWs by heart also.)

The man visits /pol/. He knows. He's one of the Original Shitlords, and he--like Notch--has Fuck Off (and Fuck You) Money. The more I see him stand up and punch back, the more I respect him. He's able to contradict The Narrative because the consequences that would've befallen him earlier in his life are toothless now. He's anti-fragile, and he knows it; that's why he can speak the truth plainly for all to see and the tsk-tsks fall on deaf ears. Shatner is a secure man.

That's the big thing about how the Narrative Warfare crowd works: the consistent undermining of security, creating anxiety and using it to force compliance. That's why it is fair to call SocJus a death cult: because they look and act like one, and their results are the degradation and death of all they control. (Just look at Twitter's falling fortunes.)

As the Supreme Dark Lord said in the Darkstream tonight, winning is done by being aggressive and relentless against your enemies. The time for grace and nobility is after the fighting is over and the cleanup is done, not before; these are peacetime traits, unsuitable for war. Furthermore, displays of resistance and courage has an infectious quality to them; if one stands up, others will stand up, and then the punchback becomes a dogpile and a beatdown.

Which is what this failure to silence Shatner threatens to do, and the smarter SJWs know it, which is why the follow-up counterpunch to inquire if Lucasfilm and Disney condone such behavior from their employees has weight to it. Once one famous celebrity successfully shuts down a point-and-shriek swarm attack others will follow, and there goes the SJW hold in another part of the culture. The page turns, and with it goes the Narrative.


  1. Everybody stop what you're doing and salute the Captain. Truly the last man I ever thought would turn out to be a real life hero.

  2. "Based ShatLord."

    Kicking SJWs in their non-existent nads since Stardate 1312.4.