Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Looking Forward: The Music That Scores Our Victory Is Yet to be Written

Music often makes or breaks a film or series. What would Indiana Jones be without the Raiders' March? What would Star Wars be without its eponymous opening and closing themes, or the Imperial March? Star Trek, Doctor Who, and many more have a core of their appeal derived from the music created as part of the production process.

We are foolish to ignore this going forward. As much as many in the PulpRev scene focus upon the written word, and secondarily upon the static image (i.e. comics), the audience likes to see and hear the glory of the hot-blooded heroes as well as read about them. In that respect, music is fundamental to success, and we would be wise to start looking now for friendly bards at all levels of the business all across the world.

Just as we should--and are--building parallel alternative institutions to repeal and replace the converged publishing houses in New York City and London, and we're now making the first moves towards severing the napes of the titans that are D.C. and Marvel, so is it wise to begin bringing musicians into the fold and begin organizing parallels to the equally-converged music business. This will bear fruit when the alt-media moves in film and television begin breaking through, and we'll be in need of their services (and be well able to pay them properly).

Imagine a future where we not only have original music made for our films and series, but we also hold concerts where they're performed live. It would be like the Animelo Summer Live series in Japan, or the live concerts at AX or ACen. Allow me to show you what this could--no, will--look like, if we have the will to see it happen:

We don't have to come at this from scratch. Go scour YouTube. There's plenty of people who (like Bieber, but better- far better) cut videos performing covers of well-known songs (either pop songs, themes, etc.) and all we need to do is find the ones that like what we're doing and help them to help us to kick reason to the curb and do the impossible! Many of them are fans of the same stuff we are, so it's just a matter of gathering our future Hall of Fame inductees and making something awesome happen. Like this guy:

Compare this cover to the JAM Project original above. Not bad, eh?

We're out to Make Culture Great Again with the power of the Pulps and the spirit embodied within. That spirit travels best across genre and media lines with music, so let's start finding some friends what pluck strings, work the sticks, rock the mic, or wield a wand and isn't a lame Harry Potter fan-wanker. As some inspiration, let me leave you with one of the most awesome women alive: Yoko Kanno, the Living Goddess of music responsible for the music of Macross Plus, The Vision of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex, and Cowboy Bebop.

Never neglect the Bard. He's the one that sings you into history- and thereby into legend. You want him on your side.

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