Saturday, October 22, 2016

Leave Them Alone, Dammit

When I was a small boy, my father took the time to drill one very simple lesson through my thick skull:

"Don't go where you're not wanted, unless you're looking for a fight."

Lots of people never got that message, in particular those adhering to the Social Justice death cult and other forms of similar barbarism. Allow me to lay out what this means in simple terms:

  • You don't get to go wherever you want; you're not entitled to be anywhere you want. Not physically, not socially. Some spaces are already owned and occupied, and you stepping where you are not welcome is called--politely--"trespassing" and that's an unlawful act. (Note: "Legal" is not "Lawful"; this is about order, not rules.) Yes, you can trespass socially; ever gone someplace unwelcoming? That's you trespassing.
  • If you trespass, you can expect to be told to get the fuck out, and if you don't want trouble you damn well do what you're told and leave.
  • If you get told to leave and don't, motherfucker you asked for it and what shit you get thereafter is entirely on you. You had your warning and you ignored it. Fuck you for thinking otherwise. You deserve whatever you get.
  • No, there's no "why" here; it's their space, not yours, so they don't have to justify or explain shit to you. You trespassing on their turf is nothing less than attempted theft of territory, and because you're trying to steal shit that ain't yours it's justified and proper to do whatever it takes to make you stop- permanently.

Lots of dumb motherfuckers never got this memo, some having to get them or someone they know fucked up or killed before they get it- and I see that many more will have to learn this the hard way in the years to come. The stupidity of entryism is this violation without the violence; what's to come will be more of the old-school variety, as we're seeing in the media out of Europe and parts of the U.S. now. Either way, this shit's got to stop- and stop it will. Civilization can't exist without obedience to this basic tenant of Natural Law.

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  1. Well said. It's just that sort of social skill retardation that makes these entryists foolishly think that a vigorous defense of spaces like video games, heavy metal, or tabletop gaming is an attack on them. Since Dad never taught these dopes the facts of life, the rest of us have to beat it into their dense, calcified skulls.