Sunday, September 11, 2016

Narrative Warfare: #SickHillary Collapses & MSM Acts Like Baghdad Bob.

Yes, I am following the election. How can I not? The amount of effort I would have to put in to avoid all contact with the election would end with me living in total isolation until some time next year. (You forget, folks, that December is when the Electoral College meets and then in January is the legal transfer of power between President and President-Elect. Earliest time to end this show is February.) The folks I have on my Twitter feed are on the ball with this election season, such as Mike Cernovich, to the point of driving news cycles and campaign strategies.

That old bitch is dying, and we are well into replaying Weekend at Bernie's (or, if you prefer the original, What's the Matter With Harry?), putting the DNC and Sick Hillary's campaign into panic mode. Vox Day is right to suspect that she won't make it to Election Day at this rate, and after looking at the footage I concur with that opinion. Trump should be hammering away at Sick Hillary's health issues, which are far worse than previous episodes such as those of Woodrow Wilson or Franklin D. Roosevelt, as it shows both the degeneracy of the Democrats as well as their desperation to hold on to the White House.

But I'm going to step back a bit. It's not about the Dems or the GOP, but about the fact that both parties (as revealed by the "conservatives", the Cuckservatives, who are actually conserved (and conserve) nothing and never have) are both controlled by folks like George Soros and do put on political theater to disguise how American government power actually works. What Sick Hillary's campaign reveals is that both parties prefer weak individuals to occupy the office, around whom a junta coalesces that actually runs the show; this has been the case since Nixon, regardless of the party- yes, even (especially) with Saint Reagan.

Sick Hillary is a puppet, just as her husband (also looking and acting more like a walking corpse), for the people who run her campaign and at the control of those who finance it. It was true of Obama (and Romney, and McCain), it was true of Bush 43, Reagan, Ford, and Carter- and it would be again under Sick Hillary. She's be used to do the frontman work, but actual shot-calling would be done by hidden unelected individuals kept far from public scrutiny- much as it was with Bush 43 and Obama. The shit conditions we have now, WORLDWIDE, would certainly get worse with Sick Hillary in the White House.

(Aside: Bush 41, Nixon, and LBJ were just as bad; the difference is that they were active co-conspirators and not puppets. The closest thing to an honest President we've had until now was John F. Kennedy, and he was no angel by any means. He was merely his own man, as Trump is, and that alone was what got him killed. That Trump also has no need for their money makes him even more dangerous to them.)

Part of that includes using the power of legal, legitimate ownership of media assets to control the narrative of this election. That's why the mainstream media, the Establishment media, is so routinely in the tank for Sick Hillary. This power to control public perception, to control what is said and what those words mean, is not to be dismissed as irrelevant; it is that very power that's kept this hoax of an Estalbishment going for nearly a century. They're doing Baghdad Bob bullshit.

Now one fucking man, using a few mobile apps, a smartphone, and a laptop computer with a strong and fast Internet connection, has blown that Establishment media out. One fucking man: Mike Cernovich. Others already in the alt-media game piled on, such as Paul Joseph Watson out of Infowars, and more followed that lead (e.g. Mark Dice, WeAreChange, VDare, et. al.) to show the people at-large that this story wasn't getting served- and in turn served the MSM their pink slips. Look, just go read and follow Cernovich already; he's on this like white on rice. Watch his Periscope streams, sub to his YouTube channel (which he should use more often), and buy his books. Dude's making good on the promise of the power of the Internet- and showing YOU how to be better than him as he does it.

We're getting the Trumpenreich, and in large part it's due to citizen journalists like Mike Cernovich doing this in his spare time, because no one respects frauds or weakness in leadership (which is why those past examples concealed it utterly while in office) Now that we have one clear example of counter-action in Narrative Warfare that works, we're seeing the Globalists wanting to shut it down; watch for more of that, on top of what we've got now, in the months to come.

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