Friday, June 10, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: The Savage 11 Scout Rifle

Yep, back on about Scout Rifles, and no I'm still not talking about Destiny's wrong take on the concept. My last post talked about alternatives to the basic scout rifle concept. What I have below is a video review for one of the commercial scout rifles, and the one I'm most keen to pick up. This is the newest commercial offering available, as of this post, and it about nails Col. Cooper's specifications for what a scout rifle should be. For those thinking the scope mounting is off, that's in-spec; scopes are meant to be mounted forward of the receiver so you can use it with both eyes open.

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Savage 11 308 Scout Rifle. The Shooting Legend Jeff Cooper brought to life the Scout Rifle concept. Quick to deploy yet long range capability, the Scout rifle is great for Hunting, Self Defense and Survival Situations. The Savage 11 Scout is a solid option for his design

Yes, I want one. Just saying so now. Birthday is in October. Just sayin'.

I do love the Scout Rifle as a concept. Having this, and the two I mentioned in the previous post on this topic, would round out my go-to contemporary rifles (that aren't semi-automatic) just fine. As the sort of rifle you'd want every household to have one (at least) of, this Savage model works just fine. The price (as noted in the video) is not out of line for what you get; you'll need to buy the sling and scope separately, and I'd advise at least one spare factory magazine so you can properly use this rifle in a defensive capacity. (Remember: "Jack-of-all-trades" does require basic competency.)

(Oh, and follow Sootch on YouTube. He reliably produces videos like this. Great channel.)

Of the commercial offerings, I recommend this Savage over the Ruger Gunsite. Hell, I'd recommend this over all other commercial scouts; this is the best yet out-of-the-box Everyman Rifle that the Scout Rifle is meant to be according to Jeff Cooper. You can take this damn near everywhere in the world (that you can get the ammo) and do just fine in hunting or defensive roles. Yes, specialists will beat you; that's fine- Working As Intended. I place a great value on things that Just Fucking Work, so out-of-the-box utility matters to me; this rifle has it in spades. Sling, scope, spare mags, ammo. Done. Hook me up.

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