Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kraut & Tea Presents: Islamic Insanity Ep1: The Genocide Rally

YouTube user Kraut & Tea began a new video series about the reality of Islamic nations in Europe, and this video focuses on a resolution by the German Parliament to condemn the Armenian Genocide, and how the Turkish community lost their shit over it.

The response from the Turkish government is exactly the same freak-out that SocJus cultists do on a daily basis. Which means that the same remedies apply because the same processes are at work. They lied, they double-down, and they projected. The Shieves clip nailed down the fact that they do think alike, and therefore act alike, from reactions to responses (and remedies thereto). Congratulations, morons! You've made SJWs Always Lie more relevant than ever with your incompetence.

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