Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary's Nomination Woes

I would not be so pleased. Hillary Clinton is a well-connected white-collar criminal, and she knows well the cultures of the various units of the Federal Government. So long as she remains within the informal lines of behavior therein, has stroke in the party leadership, and keeps the media allies happy, she's not going to go where she belongs: a maximum-security prison, for life, without parole.

So, I'm looking for reports and other signs that she's losing that support or has transgressed those informal norms.

As I was saying.

Looks like, as with 2008, Hillary's done goofed and fucked herself- again. Hillary's media allies are prominent, but not brilliant, so reports like this are worth noting as signs that she's in trouble. Look for some procedural fuckery between now and the Democrat convention out of her camp, and look for counter-fuckery from Sanders' side to blunt that shit. I still expect Hillary to steal the nomination, but in doing so she'll ensure her defeat in the general to Trump.

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