Saturday, April 9, 2016

On the Value of Exclusion

Nothing worthwhile endures if it includes all and sundry without qualification. Not individuals, not nations, not countries, nothing at all. This is Natural Law.

Those who insist upon, down to compelling and coercing it upon the unwilling, such inclusion are acting as viruses and should be dealt with as such. They seek to subjugate you to their desires until they consume you, and then move on to the next victim.

Therefore, exclusion--not inclusion--is the value to favor. It is the value that gives you the reason to establish your borders and defend them from unwanted intrusion. It's in exclusion that you take a critical eye to those who want to join you, to see if their presence gives such value to your life that it's worth the cost to include them. It's in exclusion that we are fully able to pursue our interests properly.

Inclusion, in all things, reduces to and results in nothing more then worthless mushy mud. Yes, in ALL things. It's worse than useless and always destroys itself when allowed (compelled by being excluded) to do so.

I exclude those who bring no value to my life. I need not justify why. That is, and none may gainsay it honorably.

Because this is one of the signs of a free man: he excludes by an of his own accord, for he has his borders and maintains them rigorously.

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