Friday, April 29, 2016

Adding Tools to the Toolbox

I would hope that you folks reading this don't think that I am some sort of wizard with HTML. I'm not. I learned what I know specifically because I got into blogging, and certain commands are allowed in blogging interfaces. As I took off more training wheels, I learned more, but I still know so little that even a bone-headed web design could write rings around me in HTML.

So, I'm being more deliberate in learning it. I want this blog, and all of my blogs, to become places that take full advantage of what this technology offers and I am not doing that right now. In a world that is highly-competitive for reader eye-balls and attention, every little bit helps.

Horde symbol This is the one I'm working on right now. It's the Float command, where you can tell text to flow around an image in a direction (left or right). I'll be trying to use this more often as a post's topic allows, as I have once before. It's one of a handful of commands I've chosen to focus upon until I get used to them as I have the ones I already mastered.

The others are the Link Within Image (so when you click on the image, it takes you to the linked page) and variations on Italics and Bold that have specific purposes such as the Quote command. You've seen me use the Blockquote command plenty of times, so now I'm expanding on that.

On a related note, I'm going to try doing a Google Hangout on Sunday to see if I can do the simple podcasting thing that I enjoyed when I was on Geek Gab last weekend. I'll throw up a post, etc., when that happens.

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