Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: The Ares SCR

Ares Defense is an American firearms manufacturer, and the SCR is their attempt to make a rifle that is legal in all 50 states in the United States while taking advantage of the AR-15 platform and its dominant position in the American firearms community.

Its first model got some knocks, and there is a revised model out now that got a video review uploaded on Leap Day. I've embedded it below.

I don't live in a ban state. Minnesota's only restriction is that you have a Permit to Purchase (which is free to acquire, and only certifies that you passed a criminal background check), and that's not applicable to private sales (but nonetheless is commonly demanded by sellers for the very reason I just mentioned). Therefore, you'd think that the SCR wouldn't have much of an appeal here, and I think that is wrong.

The Ares SCR is the spiritual successor to the M1 Carbine.

The sporting-style stock, especially when coupled with an AR-15 upper receiver that didn't look like a scary black rifle to gun grabbers, really does bring out the spirit of the M1 Carbine: a semi-automatic carbine, chambered for an easily-acquired cartridge, that's perfectly adapted to its intended operators (ordinary civilians) and uses (hunting, personal and home defense) and friendly to shooters of all ages and sizes.

Even I, in a free state, want one of these. Coupled with a Mossberg MVP Predator or Patrol (so I have a bolt-action rifle that uses the same ammunition and magazines), and I have a very handy all-around semi-automatic carbine that can fulfill whatever role I reasonably would need it to fulfill. I won't be nailing rodents, or rhinos, with it but it easily does what formerly the Ruger Mini-14 prided itself as being (and makes that series obsolete).

So yeah, I want one of these. Consider a Model 2 SCR added to the Wish List, folks, and remember that when my birthday rolls around this Fall.

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