Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Narrative Warfare: John C. Wright on the RooshV Press Conference

(From this comment at Vox Populi:)

Reporter: So you don't agree that that is a legal definition of rape?

Roosh: I don't think that they are being honest.

Reporter: If they were?

Roosh: If they were, look man I'm not a lawyer.

I am a lawyer. Having sex with a drunk woman is not rape. Blackstone defines rape as "carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will" (p. 210)

In some cases, sex with an unconscious woman is rape, if the surrounding circumstances show it to be with force and against her will.

The reporters are liars. Notice that they are arguing with him, not asking him questions.

Notice that none of them asked the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why to explain what the event was that happened. Not one.

The Jihad is not the enemy. They only have power because the Democrat party aids and abets and sustains them. The Democrat party is not the enemy. They only have power because a majority of the American people are addicted to foolishness. The American people are not the enemy. They are addicted to folly only because a pusher has addicted them.

That pusher is the media. They are the enemy.

They are the enforcers. They wage Narrative Warfare on behalf of their fellow-travelers who own the media and use it as the Weapon of Mass Distraction that it is, fucking people in the head to create illusions and reinforce false views of reality that only benefit them. Now that we have the means to cut them out of their gate-keeper positions, more and more of us will do so until we reach critical mass and they fall of their own accord- but not without a fight.

Roosh, whatever else you think of him, has scrupulously stayed within the boundaries of Civilization in his actions. He has NOT violated either the principles underlying the Rule of Law or specific arbitrary rules enforced by hard men with guns. He's successfully figured out the media's game--the enemy's game--and this episode demonstrates that he is already inside their OODA Loop, living rent-free in their heads and freaking them out due to his violation of their precious Narrative.

Good luck taking him out without outright murdering him, and doing that does nothing more than let the mask comes off entirely and shift this to a proper fucking war, something the enemy isn't ready for and knows it.

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