Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Narrative Warfare: An Example of Language Controlling Thought

I recommend following Lionel Media on YouTube regardless of your believes or politics. He's a smart cat, and he's sharing what he knows and sees on the regular as a form of public service. Take advantage of this, and enjoy what he has to offer. Mad value here, folks. You're crazy to pass it up.

"Conspiracy theory" is now a method to stop speech much like the left and radical academics and PC students use to shut down speech with claims of "microagressions" and the like. Ian Tuttle's NRO piece claims Trump is an Alex Jones wannabe. Balderdash! Bill Buckley, a paleoconservative and not neoconservative, long ago came out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq, but he's just gone one step further. He said that the Iraq war was not only a lost cause, but that the Republican party may be one too.

You can't communicate effectively if you don't have command of the language necessary to accurately and precisely give and receive the ideas that you want to impart to or from others. This is part-and-parcel of the fact that politics is downstream from culture, which is (of course) why those who dream themselves your masters seek to control it so desperately.

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