Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mike Cernovich Wants To Make Free Speech Cool Again

Mike Cernovich is one of the producers for a documentary on the fight for free speech online, a film entitled Silenced: Our War On Free Speech.

Things are different than they used to be. We all know the feeling of dread when posting or talking about something controversial, and this dread has silenced us. It’s not censorship. The government isn’t doing it. We are. To ourselves. Across business, education, politics, and entertainment. Many comedians are even refusing to tour college campuses due to the sensibilities of students, and posting one wrong Tweet can get you fired from a job - or worse.

The link to the documentary above goes to the Kickstarter campaign. If you can spare it, do back it, and thumb the would-be master of your mind in the eye.

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