Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Fallout Accelerates

This is a follow-up post, and it's going to be brief.

See that? That's what happens when people who know what proper characterization looks like also happen to have the words and the tools required to make crystal clear their dissatisfaction, and then broadcast it far and wide. We now have the means to archive everything, communicate instantly, and make competent analysis that a popular audience can grok in a blink of the eye. This is not only effective dialectic, it's also effective rhetoric, and it does what professional "critics" (many of them as useless as so-called "journalists") do in a far more efficient and potent manner.

Expect more of this, and not just about The Force Awakens, as our Internet-based network-centric civilization becomes globally omnipresent.

TL;DR: You fuck up and you will know within hours now just how bad you done goofed.

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