Sunday, November 22, 2015

Narrative Warfare: This Is What Countering It Looks Like

Over at one of my other blogs I go into what is not being talked about regarding the Syria issue, which is a very good case study into an ongoing Narrative Warfare campaign being used to facilitate an actual geo-political and military campaign.

Fortunately, more people are not only getting the memo, but they're reading it and heeding it. Memetic counter-attacks are increasing in both potency and frequency, and they're using the truth in both Rhetorical and Dialectical approaches to counter the Narrative Warfare campaign. Here's an example I just pulled out of my Twitter feed:

The user, @117Baz, is an anti-radical Muslim in the U.K. who went off on an epic Twitter rant this past week; it is because he threw out some historical red pills that my post at Empires happened this week. He's trying to get the West to wake up from its slumber, see that its leaders are far more Grima Wormtongue than Aragorn or Eomer (i.e. internal traitors collaborating with external enemies against we common folk), and thereby put an end to a centuries-long conflict that otherwise cannot end but in World War 3.

He's not only one doing something useful to counteract the Narrative Warfare going on. James Corbett (founder of The Corbett Report) and James Evan Pilato (Media Monarchy) do this regularly on their collaboration series, New World Next Wee. This week is typical of their quality:

James Corbett's been on this beat for a while. Here's his latest on the matter. Again, directly contradicting the Narrative via Dialectic.

Then there's Zerohedge, which has a length article on who is sponsoring ISIS, which is part of a regular flow of articles directly contradicting the Narrative with verifiable facts. This one debunking five common myths the Narrative promulgates is another good one.

Remember that, at its heart, Narrative Warfare is nothing more than a liar committing theft by deception. Don't believe what the mainstream media says, regardless of their slant. Seek out alternatives. Do your own vetting.

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