Thursday, November 5, 2015

Narrative Warfare: The Collective Is Its Tool

Yesterday I said that I would reflect on Sargon's video and relate it to Narrative Warfare. Here it is.

Narrative Warfare works by way of exploitation of known psychological phenomenon. It is the perversion of Art in service of Power. The more those seeking to take and hold power by these means, the greater the employment of mass-media techniques to make that happen. When seeking to deploy and use mass-media, a push towards Collectivism and all of the bullshit essentialism that goes with it has to happen.

Group psychology is a thing. Narrative Warfare works best when it can exploit the psychology of crowds, be those literal crowds or metaphorical ones. Working on the level of the Collective is a lot more efficient for those seeking to wage Narrative Warfare than fighting at the level of the individual. The latter is where the methods of Narrative Warfare require such gaslighting that it does get recognized as mental abuse and treated accordingly when discovered.

When dealing at the individual, the critical thinking skills promoted by a proper Classical education are effective and devastating against such assaults. At the collective level, where most people don't think critically (if they think at all), the Rhetorical devices used against them to bypass reason and provoke emotional outbursts intended to herd the cattle where the objective lies are quite effective.

This is why you see Narrative Warfare partisans focus on Collectivism over Individualism; it's so much easier to sucker a group over a body of individuals.

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