Saturday, October 24, 2015

Narrative Warfare: The System In Action

I had another topic on my mind, but that I can hold until tomorrow. This needs your attention here and now. I'll quote the description:

Years from now you'll be telling your children that the internet used to be a place of free speech, free expression, and free thought. Of course after you explain that you'll be put into a camp for telling stories of the "before time".

This video goes into how the system of Narrative Warfare requires various actors and interests to interact in order to get the agenda across and implemented. Notice the common themes, which exist in previous iterations of the system:
  • The system has multiple actors and interests--at least two--involved due to the need for expendable dupes to do the grunt work before they take the fall and actual power players to provide the means to actually get shit done. In other words, Outer Party/SA and Inner Party/SS. Three or more parties are common, with a government-business axis using Divide-and-Rule management schemes such as the current Social Justice cult and traitorous immigration policies.
  • The actors are allies--not friends, not teammates--of convenience due to complimentary objectives in the moment. Once the moment passes, these allies become rivals or enemies and will turn upon each other to determine who controls the system thereafter; these are the times when alignments get remade, and those who are useful idiots exposed as such and get their own Night of the Long Knives. (Another tell of disposable idiots is that they think their allies are friends.)
  • The system is constrictive and, when run competently, plays the long game. Today's useful idiots are tomorrows traitorous threat, against which a new cadre of useful idiots are recruited to destroy them. This plays out in the manner of Sun Tzu's method of managing rival states via shifting alliances, a system England used so often it gained the "Perfidious Albion" moniker.
  • The system's goal is total control, reducing the targeted people to drones executing the system's will. This is why parties seeking objectives other than total control will inevitably be targeted as threats by the party with total control and destroyed by the very system they once served. It is also why people who think this system is benign, benevolent, or irrelevant will be the first ones targeted by it.
The system uses the media to tell you a story, a story told with language and other techniques intended to manipulate what you think by moving your emotions to where they want you to go. It works; advertising proves it, because they use Narrative Warfare techniques routinely to sell you crap you don't need by making you feel like shit unless you use the thing or service they're shilling. Getting out from under this system matters, and until you do the threat of being ground under by it remains a viable threat to you and all you care about.

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