Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Narrative Warfare: How It's Contested on Twitter

Remember that wage gap meme? Well, it's a Narrative Warfare front. You can--and should--use Dialectic and Rhetoric to counter it when encountered. This below is a Dialectic counter-attack, but it's posted to Twitter by a user employing Rhetoric; it's an instructive image intended to educate the reader on what the facts are, and thereby convince via reason of what the truth of the issue is.

However, this follow-up shows where the one-two punch is, as this is Rhetoric.

Do you see the difference now? The first hits the mind. The second hits the feels. Now do you get how this works in everyday practice? You feel-fight them into that "teachable moment", and then come at them with facts and other reason-based avenues because that's when they will receive them. This is what they do to you, only their "facts" are frauds (and that's assuming they bother with faking the facts), but having the truth on your side--substance solidifying style--your counter-attacks have weight behind them and (coupled with patience and determination) will bring victory.

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