Saturday, October 3, 2015

Defense Against the Narrative: The Trivium Method

I said yesterday that there is a way out from under someone using Narrative Warfare, and that it is a discipline that must be developed and maintained much as one would any other perishable skill or body of knowledge.

The defense against the Narrative is the Trivium Method

I first heard about this recent restoration of the Classical Trivium from the Tragedy and Hope community, specifically the Peace Revolution podcast, some years ago when I began investigation into what would become the general theme of my graduate studies. Being that the originators of said podcast want this spread far and wide, some of them put together a curated online site to get folks going: Trivium Education.

The Trivium Method is the basis for effective skeptical inquiry, be it in a STEM field or (more important, for common people in everyday life) in social and political concerns. It is a discipline whose purpose is to exercise the individual's power of cognition, to help them help themselves towards becoming strong thinkers, methodical thinkers, critical thinkers, able to efficiently take information in and process it properly before acting on it.

The Trivium Method is the basis for Mental Self-Defense. It IS a Martial Art.

Now, I won't go into the ins and outs. There are plenty of other resources, some of which I embed or link to below, and I encourage you to do as I have and read/listen/watch for yourself at your earliest opportunity. What matters here is that it is the counter to what Narrative Warfare attempts to do to you.

  1. It teaches to you the means to resist the gas-lighting done to you.

  2. It teaches you how to teach these means to others so they can protect themselves.

  3. It teaches you how to effectively communicate to others what you know, and thereby teaches you how to detect and expose bullshit.

Of course, if you learn how to resist and defeat The Narrative then you also learn how to resist and defeat the smaller-scale versions done by smaller predatory groups and individuals- much like having effective firearms to resist a cancerous government is also effective against smaller criminal threats.

The Trivium Method is your defense against those who seek to control your mind.

As promised, some of those other resources. For your convenience, the five-page summary of the Trivium Method:

If that's too much, allow me to present a video by Mark Passio--host of "What On Earth Is Happening"--instead:

Additional podcast and other media links:
  1. Peace Revolution

  2. Gnostic Media

  3. School Sucks Project

  4. What On Earth Is Happening

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