Rules of the Blog

Walker's Retreat is best considered to be a firepit at a cabin. It's where you can hear what I have to say, and engage in conversation with me, but it is not a public square. You are a guest, and I reserve the right to exclude guests exhibiting bad behavior. I find Vox Day's rules for Vox Populi good and practical, and amended here so I'll adapt his for my purposes.

  1. I don't care. Take your drama elsewhere.
  2. This is not a democracy. Commenting here is a privilege, not a right; if I tell you to go, you go.
  3. No Anonymous comments. You are expected to assume a name and stand by it. Violators will be punished by deletion, and eventually bans.
  4. You will be addressed in the manner you present yourself. You come in full of piss and vinegar, and you'll get it in return.
  5. You're expected to back your claims with verifiable evidence. Failure to comply will result in derision at first, and then deletion.
  6. Cross-comments and off-topic comments shall be deleted. Focus, stay on topic, and engage in good faith or I get out the Banhammer.
  7. Address the argument and not me. If your argument is about me rather than the topic, if you attempt to address a macro topic by referring to me as a micro counterexample, or if you attempt to bring me up in any way as the basis, relevant or irrelevant, of your argument, I am going to delete your comment. If you do it more than once, I will spam you.
  8. I am the sole interpreter. You try to bullshit me about how the rules work, you're gone. My house, my rules, my call- and mine alone.

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